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While our main purpose and goal is to provide our clients with a custom flooring, through its trusted partners around the globe and right here in Los Angeles, Beauxbois offers a range of engineered oak flooring in specific colors, at a very affordable price without compromising on quality. All this in a very short lead-time!


Local Blend:


Our local manufacturer in Los Angeles beauxbois offers a select few colors available featuring several plank widths, either engineered with overall thickness of 1/2" to 3/4" and wear layers varying from 3mm to 5 mm. Solid construction is also available. Surface treatments from smooth to heavily wire-brushed in various grades from select to character can easily be accomplished based on your design needs.

Please note: Variations in color are to be expected from board to board and within boards. Environmental moisture at the final site can affect the curing and the final color of the finish.  Actual color may vary from actual sample based on your computer and screen settings.