CEO/Creative Director - Paulin Laurent

Mr. Laurent's passion for design began in Paris in the dynamic world of fashion. He then headed to New York City where he studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.). After which his clients, (including Revlon, American Express and Cunard) counted on him for his sense of balance, composition and color for print and film advertising.  Now, at the helm of Beauxbois, Mr. Laurent is creating "art with function"; designing unique flooring blends that are visually stunning and will stand the test of time. 

A real Artist at Beauxbois - Yovani Hernandez

We are very luck here at Beauxbois to have a master finisher such as Yovani. He brings over two decades of experience in finishing and hand texturing of any species of wood. He is very talented at using a variety of finishes and processes to achieve multi layered colors that give our product its inimitable depth and beauty. There is nothing he cannot reproduce and/or create to accomplish the desired look for any project small or large.

Director of Human Relations - Henri Laurent

A Pisces with a penchant for Chicken Jerky, Henri longs for a well installed floor to lounge about on. He is also sure to wag his tail excessively when a client chooses one of his favorite flooring finishes.  Among his many duties at Beauxbois is the careful inspection of the shoes of prospective clients and planning our corporate retreats.

About Beauxbois

Within 2 years, Beauxbois has grown from a small flooring supply and installation business to become a brand tested and trusted for pure, custom wood flooring and expert craftsmanship. We have worked hard to create a market for people looking for premium flooring devoid of toxicity, questionable quality rating, poor finish and cheap craftsmanship. Our lumber goes through rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure that our standards are not compromised in any way. Beauxbois works tirelessly to deliver 100% Beauxbois flooring in stunning colors and patterns. We also work with the biggest and most reputable manufacturing brands in Southern California to ensure that our customers have their needs for luxurious, premium, safe and original flooring met in record time.


At Beauxbois, we find a way to balance luxury with affordability. While our products are made from premium wood and wood grade materials, they come at unbelievably affordable prices. This way, clients can satisfy their fantasies on a budget.

Beauxbois is not just known for quality, non-toxic flooring … other businesses can also sell you that. At Beauxbois, we sell art, skill and experiences. We know how to weave your lifestyle into our finished product to reflect the personality and style of our clients. Whether you are an outdoor type who loves the rustic tales of the countryside or a minimalist with an eye for contemporary style and clean, modern infusions, you can be sure to find something that syncs with your style at Beauxbois.

At Beauxbois, the customer is the heart and soul of our brand and we go above and beyond to ensure that their expectations are met … and exceeded.

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