The elegant and timeless charm of rustic wood flooring

Our custom rustic grade flooring solutions are carefully hewn, crafted and polished to provide the signature rustic look; beautiful and large tight knots, unaffected natural appeal and wood that carries a lot of character and attitude in its stride. This style is ideal for people who want hardwood that reminds them of the natural, unpolished look of rustic homes and towns. This exotic lumber is terrific for residences, offices and spaces where the rustic feel of the country side is desired. The beauty of Beauxbois’ rustic lumber lies in the rough and rugged yet understatedly rich look and feel of its surfaces and edges. While many flooring companies promise rustic, only a select few can deliver in terms of originality, safety and expectations.

JUST FOR YOU: If you like our products and need flooring that is custom made we're glad to start the process from scratch with you anytime you are ready.